Making Real Business Connections

Who we are?

Euro Gulf Synergy is a new company, based in the business epicentre of Dublin’s Docklands in Ireland. The company links European businesses with businesses in The Middle East’s Gulf region, in particular, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our goal is to make real and meaningful business introductions on behalf of our European clients, with our established business contacts in The Gulf region.

Euro Gulf Synergy also specialises in providing complete education solutions to families in The Gulf region. See our EDUCATION section for more information.

Our Directors

Vincent O’ Carroll

Vincent O’Carroll has over 20 years’ experience working in the The Gulf region. His first foray into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was in 1994, as Headmaster of one of the country’s most prestigious private schools. In 2009, Vincent was a founding Director of Gulf Connect. Whilst a Director with Gulf Connect, Vincent used his extensive network of contacts to successfully introduce potential partners to clients within Saudi Arabia and other GCC countries. Sectors within which Vincent created new business include: Education, Food and Construction.

Niall Heneghan

Niall Heneghan has worked as a public and private school leader in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Ireland. He has spent the past number of years in Saudi Arabia. He has vast experience in global education leadership and is also a qualified project manager (PMP). Niall is now based in Dublin, Ireland. Based on contacts he established during his time in Saudi Arabia, Niall has created new business links between Ireland and GCC countries in the Ed Tech sector as well as in Educational Training.

What makes us unique?

Our mission in Euro Gulf Synergy is to assist European companies who are eager to explore business opportunities within The Gulf Region. We have trusted contacts in the 7 Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, in particular The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most GCC countries are currently busy adapting to a new economic reality: a future without oil dependency. This brings with it very real opportunities for economic diversification and open the door for foreign business and investment. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s long-term economic strategy, ‘Vision 2030’ highlights the enormous potential for European businesses to assist the country in achieving its stated goals.Our principle of ‘No Deal, No Fee,’ ensures our commitment to place our partners with key decision makers. With the extensive network generated with over 20 years of living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Euro Gulf Synergy is confident of guiding a pathway for your business, enabling you to benefit from the direct introductions we will make on your behalf. Euro Gulf Synergy will introduce you to key influencers and decision-makers, with whom we have trusted established trusted professional relationships over the past 20 years. We also provide connections with lawyers who can ensure any business partnerships between your company and companies in the Gulf region are secure and legally sound.